Daisy Cook

Daisy Cook makes paintings that deal with abstract imaginings. Cook's paintings explore two themes - landscape and interiors, both communicating notions of containment and absence through form and shape. She has never been afraid to engage with beauty, though she is not drawn to its more obvious manifestations.

Cook's paintings are an emotional response to the world around her. There is a subtlety of surface and depth, texture and light. Her landscapes are quiet and contemplative interpretations of natural environments and her interiors are equally as experiential, created by dragging, dripping and pouring oil paint that is rich in earth pigments. In all her work, Cook looks for new methods to build tensions between shapes, with the paintings made slowly and revealing themselves over time. Some areas are ambiguous and veiled, others clear and sharp.

Photographs are used as reference, but the key energy of these paintings resides in Cook's singular ability to recognize and identify the extraordinary in the ordinary. Her particular quality of recognition breathes through these images, animating them. Intuition and chance play their part, but they would be inert without the guiding principle of the artist's vision.

Daisy Cook has exhibited regularly over the last twenty-three years both in the UK and internationally. She is a largely self-taught artist and the daughter of the late Peter Cook. She lives in London with her husband and daughter.