Caroline Yates

Born 1960, Caroline Yates is a graduate of Central St Martins and The Royal College of Art. She also studied fine art printmaking at Camberwell before beginning to paint full time in 2000. During this period she has exhibited internationally. 

After moving to Deal on the Kent coast seven years ago, and in light of current issues, she has explored natural and psychological borders; the joy of entering the sea and reassurance emerging from it; the perception of an element, simultaneously benign and therapeutic, and capricious and dangerous.

Caroline is known for her crowd or group paintings.  She is now looking at "crowds" in their environment; in her painterly landscapes she has embraced the concept of movement without barriers, though mindful that we are all guests of the landscape. The notion of travelling and being escorted or guided safely by entities outside our perceived world also feature.

"Working in oils, from photographs, found imagery and documentary film I extract tableaux or characters that resonate with the infinite theme of relationships, erasing, blurring and sometimes removing entire images leaving a stain or essence, like a memory."

Caroline Yates, May 2018