Caroline Yates’ work ranges from changeable, picnicking landscapes to lavishly, loaded lunches, a kind of metaphor for life’s precariousness and aspirations.  A perpetual theme in her work, she continues to observe rituals and ceremonies, extended families and ‘mingling’; comforting environments that may reveal tensions, detachment and distance, or illustrate transient tropes and formalities. Caroline has resumed an ongoing personal challenge to deconstruct her work, something she has been doing over the last four or five years.  Indeed, some of her paintings have literally been hung, drawn, painted and quartered, only to be reconstructed as multiple panels or fused with stitch - fractured and disparate stories darned back into focus.

"Working in oils, from photographs, found imagery and documentary film I extract  tableaux or characters that resonate with the infinite theme of relationships, erasing, blurring and sometimes removing entire images leaving a stain or essence, like a memory."

Born in 1960, Caroline Yates graduated with an MA from The Royal College of Art in print and textiles in 1995, having previously attained a BA at Central St Martins.  She went on to study fine art printmaking at Camberwell College of Art in 2000 and has been exhibiting internationally since then.