Katherine Hamilton

The Academy of Florence, The Byam Shaw School of Art and the London School of Contemporary Dance formed the basis of my training. I worked as both dancer and muralist in London, Amsterdam and New York, which led to a commission from the Ministry of Culture in Ethiopia to choreograph and form a dance company in Addis Abba.

From Ethiopia to the present day my work has revolved around both landscape and the study of other cultures, such as the agricultural communities of Guatemala, fishing communities of Senegal, life around the river Niger, Mali, as well as subjects closer to home such as the Hippodrome Circus, Great Yarmouth and the varied landscapes across Britain throughout the seasons.

Just before Covid hit our shores I visited Japan, my aim was to go to the more rural parts of Japan to observe landscapes and communities in a more traditional setting.

The handmade skills of its craftsmen, whether making a sword a pot or just a sweet biscuit, is something close to magic. The attention to detail, working with raw materials, practising techniques passed down over the centuries and honed from within takes years of apprenticeship.

One barely scraped the surface of this mysterious country, it both humbled and inspired me.

Since 1984 I have exhibited in London, East Anglia, America and Gloucestershire, my work is held in both public and private collections.

I live and work in Suffolk.