Henry Jabbour is a painter and a printmaker. Born in Beirut, Lebanon he was trained as a biologist and for many years pursued a successful career as a medical scientist. In 2010, he decided to follow his passion for art and became a full-time artist.

He now lives and works in Cambridge and Edinburgh. He trained in the visual arts in Edinburgh and New York where he obtained a Master of Fine Art in Painting and Printmaking.

'His subjects are people and their relationships, either to each other or to the artist. The images are tender and full of emotional maturity. Each is carefully considered and composed; they look outward to the world and inward to the artist's humanity. They celebrate life and implicitly value its impermanence, conscious of their ability to endure beyond the lifetime of Jabbour and those that inhabit his works.' Giles Sutherland - The Times (November 2019)

'The Paintings are richly coloured but roughly brushed so that the figures, while vigorously present, also seem to be struggling to preserve their identity in the stream of time and space. These are existentialist pictures, reflecting the individual search for stable identity in the flux of experience. This is equally striking in the artist's prints of sparely drawn and partly erased figures and his remarkable sculptures.' Duncan Macmillan - The Scotsman (September 2019)

Artist's Statement

My current body of work focuses on the human figure. I am interested in the emotive qualities of body gesture, colour and mark making.

My work is a quest to subvert the specific in search for the universal. Each piece is a search beyond mere appearance, attempting to connect the vulnerability, fragility and impermanence of the individual with a sense of common and shared humanity. My work-making process embraces both the familiar and the unexpected, and combines observation, memory and intuition. My aim is that each piece develops a visual presence that is independent of me, or my original artistic intentions, so that the viewer can continue the search that I have initiated.

I work primarily in oils but also make unique works on paper using monotype and other print media.